Amazon Account Management

AmzGuru’s team of professional Amazon consultants have been helping businesses achieve their Amazon selling goals for over 9 years. Now it’s your turn.

Complete Account Management

Regardless if you’re a new seller, an established vendor, or simply would like support running your existing account, AmzGuru is the right fit. Our Seller Account Management Services include:

  • Account Setup
  • Catalog Management & Listing Optimizations
  • Complete Amazon Advertising Management
  • FBA & Merchant Inventory Management
  • Product Reviews and Seller Feedbacks Management
  • Brand Page & EBC Applications
  • Copywriting 
  • Account Monitoring & Reporting
  • Amazon Case Management
  • Stranded & Unfulfillable Management
  • Customer Service
  • and much more…


Customized Account Management

There is no one-size fits all approach to Amazon selling. To be successful you have to create a cohesive marketing and branding strategy for your entire business. Customized to fit your business, our account management services consider all the variables that affect your success to create a long-lasting strategy that produces results.

Why You Should Have AmzGuru Manage Your Seller Account

  • Save Time—Let us handle the heavy lifting for you.
  • Optimize Profits—We can successfully secure the highest level of profits for your brand.
  • Clearer Sales Metrics—We’ll track every sale so you know what’s the next best move.
  • Targeted Marketing—We tailor your Amazon marketing strategy to your customers for better results.

Every facet of our service is backed by extensive experience with Amazon. For over a decade we have utilized Amazon’s selling services to provide our clients with exceptional support for their account. Whether you need help reviving your existing account, growing your current business, or creating a new presence, we can help you.

What Do You Want to Achieve on Amazon?

Our account management services include a strategy session where we discuss your goals with the platform. We’ll analyze where you are and where you want to go before we create a plan for growth. No matter what you’re hoping to do, however, we can promise you it can become a reality. All you need is account management support from a team of Amazon experts. We’re that team.

Is Amazon New to You?

Amazon’s increasingly complex algorithm can overwhelm even the most sophisticated of businesses. Fortunately, when you partner with AmzGuru you gain access to the industry’s secrets and can rely on us for premium support whenever and however you need it.

Professional Amazon Seller Account Management

Work with our Amazon experts to see where you can maximize your account. No matter how big your seller account is, what your selling goals are, or if you need help finding your way in a saturated market, you can choose us to be your consultants with confidence. Contact us to learn more!

Take the headache out of selling your products on Amazon. Work with a team who puts your brand ahead of the competition when you choose us! We look forward to becoming your partner.